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What does the term "custom build" mean?

Despite varying levels of customisation being available, not every exhibition stand is classed as a custom build

These are 100% bespoke stands designed and built exactly for your requirements, and when done properly they can be incredibly impressive! A lot of time and money goes into getting every detail just right, which is why finding a perfect stand building partner is essential to having a successful event.

Points to consider:

Depending on what your aims are for the event, it might be worth spending that bit extra for an exhibition stand that will really make those who see it say "wow!"

With custom builds there are absolutely no limits to what can be built...as long as you have the budget for it. If being creative and having a truly unique stand is for you, then this is the way to go.

In a consumer's mind, the larger and more extravagant the exhibition stand, the larger and more impressive a company must be. As we know, it doesn't necessarily work like that, however if appearing to be a larger organisation than your competitors brings benefits in your industry then it might be worth putting the extra marketing budget into your exhibition stands instead of anything else.

Is it a brand awareness exercise? Do you have a big product launch? Or is it simply a routine exhibition you attend each year? All of these are important questions which can determine whether or not a custom build stand is best for you.

If your stand location is in a very busy exhibition hall with hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of other companies, one of the hardest challenges is to actually stand out and get noticed. A custom build exhibition stand can immediately showcase your company branding in an eye catching way, to draw the visitors towards you in a way that a modular system rarely can.

Custom build stands