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We're bringing the exhibition and trade show
industry together in one single place.

A young and innovative event technology company based in London’s exciting Tech City, Your Stand Builder are experts in exhibition and trade show preparations worldwide. Whichever continent you are exhibiting in, at whichever show, YSB are always on hand to help make the planning process as easy as it can be. The innovative free online matching and comparison platform instantly connects global exhibitors and stand builders, to allow them to find each other easily and save time when planning their upcoming events.

Planning your company's participation at an exhibition or trade show is a time consuming and complicated task, often taking weeks or even months. YSB don't believe it has to be this way. As a company they're completely changing and revolutionising the way exhibitors organise their stand ahead of attending important events all around the world, so that exhibiting companies can focus more of their time on what's important – their customers.

Recently recognised as the Innovation of the Year winner at the 2019 EN Supplier Awards, YSB have already helped exhibitors with stand projects worth over USD $4.7 million across 32 countries – and it's only the beginning!

The main aim is to provide a user friendly platform which gives genuine benefits to all members, and simplifies the whole planning process from start to finish.

VIDEO: YSB explained
The service we offer and how the platform works.

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The YSB Story

So you know a bit about what we do, but the question now is why? What caused YSB to come into existence? Well, it was nothing more than a bit of problem solving and thinking there must be an easier way!

Part One: The Frustration

Preparing exhibitions was complicated and long, wasting valuable employee hours each day

YSB's Founder was in an exhibition coordinator role at a company who participated in a large number of global exhibitions each year, and it was one of his key responsibilities to plan each of these from start to finish. He soon found out that the tedious process was overly complicated and far too long, and he grew to dislike anything related to finding a stand builder for the next project.

Part Two: The Lightbulb Moment

"What if there was one single website where I could post the project to all stand builders?"

There are online marketplace websites for pretty much anything these days - well, anything except exhibition preparations. If it could work for logistics or general online product auctions, why couldn't it work for stand builders and exhibitors? The answer was simple - it could.

Part Three: The Hard Work

16+ hour days are not easy, but we knew it would be worth it!

Like any startup business, it took a tremendous amount of hard work and long hours to get the idea off the ground. On a very tight budget we somehow managed to make it work, and before we knew we were well on our way and rapidly gaining momentum. Each day we got closer to launch, the more our excitement grew. It was happening!

Part four: The Launch!

The dream became a reality, and YSB was born

After months of marketing and generating as much interest as possible, the time for launch finally arrived. What started as just a simple idea was actually a fully operational business, providing an invaluable service to all involved in exhibition preparations. If it can make your life easier in any way whatsoever, then that's enough to make YSB already a huge success!